Our Mission

Our Mission Statement: Born To Backpack seeks to motivate individuals to explore the world and become active global citizens.

We know from our travels that the world’s potential and its problems take on a whole new meaning after seeing them first hand.  We know that it is just as important to take a hike around your community as it is to hike through the streets of India and see true poverty first hand.  It is with the experiences we have had traveling, both local and afar, that Born To Backpack was born from.

Those experiences also made our strategy simple, create tee’s that breathe passion and energy into your life and the world around you, everyday. Tees that remind you of those moments frozen in time and those memories abroad that have shaped your life that no one else can touch. A tee that is so comfortable you always reach for it when its clean (and even sometimes when its not so clean). A tee that tells your story and represents your love for world travel and your commitment to mindful consumption. A tee that makes you feel good inside and that makes you smile.

So it is our pledge (you may raise your right hand with us) to create products that move people to think about, encourage, and join in with traveling.  We strive to provide you the opportunity to wear clothing that is both awesome and inspiring, while furthering our environmental responsibility, not lapsing on it.

(You may put your hand down now, or risk a virtual high five)



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