Our Story

Born To Backpack has been on Alex’s mind for quite some time now.  He credits the semester he spent abroad with Semester at Sea for giving him the desire to share his love for creating a better world through travel with as many people as will listen.  Since that semester in 2007, Born To Backpack has taken many twists and turns, experienced a plethora of ideas, and has seen plenty of different visions.  But the one aspect of Born to Backpack that has never changed is the desire to inspire people to live simple, travel often, and give back to the world that has provided so many of us with so much.  Born To Backpack has arrived at its current state in part because Alex has never been able to picture himself as a member of “corporate America,” as he has always wanted to live a life that lets him feel more empowered to make a difference.  After playing around with the idea of Born to Backpack for some time, his amazing friends and family finally pushed him to get the wheels rolling for Born To Backpack.  And now, today, he boasts a simple mission:

Create t-shirts that breathe passion and life into your day, everyday.  Tees that remind you of those moments and memories abroad that have shaped your life and that no one else can touch.  A tee that is so comfortable, that you always reach for it when its clean (and even sometimes when its not ).  A tee that helps tell your story, and that represents your love for world travel and your commitment to mindful consumption.  A tee that makes you feel good inside, and most importantly, a tee that makes you smile.”

As for the rest of Team BTB, it was a no brainer for us to get onboard with Alex’s idea, and to join him in representing and promoting a responsible travel culture.  It has been the culmination of not just our travel experiences, but those of our friends, families, and travel buddies that have solidified the reality that travel is a vital part of life for so many of us, and that we need to find a way to serve and connect with the travel community.

So, we have put our heads together and come up with products that we are so proud to stand behind.  We have finally begun our mission of creating change in the world by encouraging world travel and a more responsible consumer culture.  We love that all of our products, policies, and ideas are inspired by your choice to support businesses that reflect the challenges our planet is facing today.  So please, think of us, think of your fellow travelers, and think of the planet when you proudly wear Born To Backpack!

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