Launch Party Wrap Up

It was another freezing night in beautiful Los Angeles. The temperature dropped to a low of 38 Fahrenheit on this particularly chilly night!

Luke, the activities manager of Hostel International – Santa Monica, explicitly advised me and Crystal to arrive 4 hours before the event due to technical issues (which always happen) and to set up the venue. Like most newbies, we showed up a bit late. Two runs to a local Radio Shack (and I mean Usain Bolt style runs) and two frantic phone calls to friends to arrive early with technical equipment, we officially got all of our equipment and the venue set up and running at 6:32 pm minutes after the party was set to kick-off.

Co-Founder Crystal with friends and backers!

It may have been near freezing outside, but that didn’t stop the Born To Backpack faithful from showing up rocking their Born To Backpack tee’s. We had backers who flew in from Boston, Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco, and Australia (<—They rock!) Really! Our DJ just landed from Australia earlier that day and arrived to the hostel at 6pm just in time to set up his equipment. We also had several awesome individuals from the travel industry show up and support us like Joshy Washington from Matador Network, Alexa Hart from Atlas Sliced,(who is hosting an amazing contest right now), Melanie Gin and her team from Travel Strings, and Vincent Turner (our DJ from Australia) the CEO of Planwise (financial planning tool that can help you budget for travel and other exspenses).

A slide from our Presentation – Saving Money

After the ups and downs of getting this event set up,  it was time for Crystal and me to give our presentation on Realizing Your Travel Dreams – Launch Party Presentation (<—Download the Presentation)! Nervous would be an understatement, as we were presenting to an audience of over 50 seasoned, current, and soon to be world travelers. For us, we know our presentation was successful because since giving this presentation we have had two people email us that they have already downsized their cable, utility, and internet bills and are starting to save more (honestly, emails and comments like that make what we are doing worth it – so don’t be shy and keep them coming!)

After a quick clean-up of the venue, we all headed out to local bars in the Santa Monica area to celebrate with friends, backers, backpackers/travelers from the hostel, and everyone else at the bar. It was Born To Backpack’s night (even if the people at the bar didn’t realize that). As this event doubled as a going away party for Crystal and I, (we are about to embark on an 18 month round the world trip – but we’ll save those details for a later post) our friends made sure we went out with a bang and removed all doubt that we would function the next day. Yup, this was the scene the next day…the two of us laying helplessly on our makeshift deathbeds.

Scene of the after party on our deathbeds!

Rest assured we have regained our ability to function! So we would like to take a second and say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us (from our roots with kickstarter all the way to our launch party). We love you ALL so much and Born To Backpack would not be where it is at without YOU!


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