Tripp the Turtle

A Short Bio on Tripp

“Tripp” is an Old English name for someone who is a traveller, so it was the perfect name for our [BTB] turtle. You are probably wondering, why did we pick a turtle as our mascot? Much like a backpacker, turtles are slow-moving, peaceful animals that cruise the seven seas and roam six of the seven continents by land. All they need is the home on their backs and the open road ahead of them. Many cultures of the world associate turtles with the ideals of longevity, wisdom, environmentalism, and moving slow yet steady – which are all values that Born To Backpack stands for as a company. The map of the world on Tripp’s back is there to remind us that we all carry the future of the world on our backs.

What Does it Mean to be Born to Backpack?

The ultimate purpose behind traveling the world is so much bigger than simply having the time of your life. Travelling is unlike any other life experience in that you are put in situations that quickly increase your understanding of the world and of yourself. We have heard countless times from other travelers that their travelling experiences changed them in ways that set them on a very different, more positive and exciting life course than what they had previously imagined for themselves.

When we become an international explorers, we represent our home countries, our families, and most importantly, ourselves to cultures around the world. As global citizens, it is our responsibility to not only respect and learn from the cultures we visit, but to also take those lessons and do what we can to make the future a better place for everyone. In our daily lives we can encourage multi-cultural understanding and acceptance, implement socially and environmentally responsible business practices, and get involved in creating positive change for local and global issues.

The Future of Born to Backpack?

We would love for you to join us on our adventure as we continue to build and grow Born to Backpack. Check back often as we develop the website and add travel resources focusing on every area of travel and answering every question point blank. Pre-trip, on the road, or post trip, make sure to connect with us on Facebook and sign up for my newsletter.


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