Mindful Consumption

I’ll tell you, this is a tough topic to address. We all know that we have a big trash problem in our world. So we would like to share our thoughts on a few simple ways to become more proactive in regards to our consumption.

Realistically, Mindful Consumption is a very broad topic that can be applied to many facets of daily life, ranging from turning off lights when not in a room, to carpooling to work, buying locally produced food, and recycling as much as possible. It goes without saying that there are countless ways we can change our minor habits and have a meaningful impact on the environment. But for now, I want to focus on mindful consumption as it relates to the products that we offer, and ways for us to use our t-shirts more efficiently over the course of their lives. Because ultimately, we at BTB have a deep commitment to the planet, and want to make sure our products have minimal impact on the environment. So here are our ideas on reducing unnecessary consumption with your favorite BTB shirts:

Washing your Born To Backpack t-shirt:
Did you know that 60% of your t-shirt’s carbon emissions comes from just washing it? This fact alone leads to two easy ways we can reduce our impact on the environment. First, if you are going to machine wash your t-shirt, make sure to use cold water. And when it comes time to dry your shirt, let it air dry! These two minor changes once a week will reduce your carbon emissions by 475 pounds/year!

Reuse and Recycle Your Tee:
Donate your tee: You can donate your tee to a thrift store, charity, or a clothing collecting company. Your donation could mean the world to someone less fortunate than you, and you will be keeping one less item in a trash pile somewhere.

Gift your tee:
We make our Born To Backpack tees durable so will stand up to the test of time. So pass your tee on to a friend or a fellow traveller and make their day!

Get creative:
There are tons of ways to redesign your shirts into pillowcases, blankets, scarves and other useful items. So cut up that beloved shirt, and eliminate the need to buy another product.

If we can all start making these small changes, we will be taking big steps towards practicing more mindful consumption. I will be adding more and more to the topic of consumption, so look out for more ideas on keeping our planet clean!

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