Why We Travel

For a long time now, I have been hearing the question, “Why do you travel so much?”  At first thought, this simple question seems to be a no-brainer. Yet ironically, I have never been able to put together the right collection of words and sentences to really convey how much traveling means to me. So I thought long and hard about traveling, and then I turned to Crystal and Darren and asked each of them sum up what traveling means to each them.  We know what are reasons are for traveling, and we also know that you all will have great responses too; so don’t forget to comment and tell us why you travel!

This post is dedicated to those of you out there who have an insatiable desire to explore this beautiful world we live in and maybe need a little inspiration to get out the door. So here is a quick snippet from each founding member of the Born To Backpack team on:

Why We Travel

Grand Palace

Alex:   When I travel the emotions I regularly feel are those of peace, joy, and gratitude. I feel most alive on the road because the constant flow of experiences and challenges that I face regularly help me grow as an individual and make me a better, more grounded person. It exposes me to different ways of thinking, different realities while re-kindling my love for people, other cultures, and nature.

In my opinion, we live in a wonderful world and I only have one lifetime to experience as much of the world as I can. Travel is about the people you meet and the places you visit on your journey.


Darren in Japan

Darren: It would be a total Duh moment to say travel is awesome. So my two cents will be simple…Travel makes you different.  It makes you think differently.  It makes you act differently. It even makes you eat differently, which is usually a good thing- ya I’m looking at you Shawarma stand in Egypt. The clear trend here is that travel makes you do everything differently.  When I find myself in a new country, with customs that aren’t my own, I kinda have to be different.  Because of this, every time I’m exploring somewhere new, I am afforded the opportunity to really look at my life, my routines, and my interactions, and truly reflect on them.   These reflections let me understand myself better, and teach me how to be a better global citizen.  My perceptions change every time I think about the lives and routines of my friends in India, or the Zen of Buddhist temples.  And when my perceptions change, I become different.


Crystal Grand Palace


Crystal:  It doesn’t matter who I am, where I came from, or how open-minded I perceive myself to be, I strongly feel that until I sit down and learn from other human beings all over the world then I cannot even begin to grasp the full impact of my personal life choices. Moreover I want to find a place in the world where I will love applying my talents and passions to achieve the most good.

I gave up my old life and I am traveling the world to avoid falling into patterns and only seeing the obvious things from an ingrained personal perspective. All big dreams require big life changes in order to happen. I had to unravel a lot of the life I had made for myself, but now that my plans are open, I am free.


So there you have it. This and so much more is what travel means to all of us here at Born To Backpack.  Now it is your turn!  Leave us a comment with your reason for traveling!!

Now, here is your travel food for thought until next week: “Are your excuses greater than your travel dreams?”


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